SMS Assistant Pro / Free updated to version 1.3.8

 Been sick the last couple days so I've been taking the opportunity to tinker with the SMS Assistant code a little bit. I added Portuguese translations at the request of a user from Brazil, and tweaked the Options menu on the main screen today. 

SMS Assistant Pro / Free updated to version 1.3.7

I made a small change to the AutoForward function so that you can decide not to add the outgoing forwarded messages to the phone's SMS history.  This is done at the individual AutoForward Rule level, so you can add some messages to the history, but not others. 

SMS Assistant Pro / Free Updated to Version 1.3.5

     A user reported that the app was not automatically replying or forwarding messages as it should. After hours of troubleshooting it turned out that code designed to make sure that Replies and Forwards were not looping in the phone was preventing AutoReplies and AutoForwards from being sent in situations where the application is unable to pull the phone's number from Android. 

DefendSMS Documentation has been added

I've added documentation on how to use the DefendSMS SMS Blocking feature for SMS Assistant Pro / Free. You can view it by clicking SMS Assistant Pro to the right, or Click Here

SMS Blocking added to SMS Assistant Pro and Free

 I just published the finalized version of SMS Assistant Pro / Free 1.3.0 which now contains functionality to Block SMS Messages using rules. There are two types of rules, "Block" and "Allow." Allow rules always override block rules. You can find the Blocked Message history in the Settings. Full documentation to follow. 

Updated Documention for SMS Assistant Pro

I've added a lot of documentation for the functions of SMS Assistant Pro. I've also found a bug that might have caused people to lose settings between versions. Its resolved above Version 1.2.6, but getting to there you might lose your rules. I'm really sorry to anyone who this happens to.

SMS Assistant Free has been released

 The light version of SMS Assistant Pro, SMS Assistant Free has been released on Google Play for those of you that want to try before you buy.


New Look

 Spent some time tonight revamping the website. Updated the CMS, got rid of some of the old stuff, making room for the new. Giving the site a new focus. Hopefully I continue finding small bits of time to keep it updated. 

New Project

 Check out my newest project on Google Play. Its called SMS Assistant Pro, and its a full suite of advanced text messaging tools.

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