SMS Assistant Pro 1.4.3 update

  I've been busy this last weekend and a couple of evenings this week adding some new functionality to SMS Assistant Pro that I've wanted to add for a very long time. I've already posted about the changes that were made earlier in the week. Here's a couple more changes that were published last night. 

     To make the app a little easier to use with phones that have larger screens, I've added the option in the settings screen to move the function tabs to the bottom. When this is changed you'll need to back all the way out of the app and restart it for the change to take effect. 


     Second, I've added what has become by far the most requested function to the application. Scheduled Mass SMS. Now, when configuring a Mass SMS to be sent, you can select "Send now" or "Schedule for later." Using the "Schedule for later" option will add all of the generated messages to the ScheduledSMS list on the Schedule tab. 



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