SMS Assistant Pro / SMS Assistant Free 1.4.2 Update has been published to Google Play

 I've published a bunch of updates to both versions of SMS Assistant today.

     First, I believe I've resolved the issue where SMS messages over 160 characters get broken up into many messages. (They still do, but they now get sent in a way where the receiving phone should recognize it and put them back together on the recieving end). I had to explicitly tell Android to send the collection of messages as a multipart SMS. 

    Second, at the request of a user I've added a check box to the Schedule SMS screen to allow you to turn off the notification when a Scheduled SMS gets sent. 

    Finally, in the Pro version only you will notice three new permissions: Course Location, Fine Location, and Internet Access. I'm working on some experimental features that allow you to add special replacers into your outbound SMS Messages from any function. They include the ability to add your current location to outgoing SMS, so I needed access to the GPS and Google Maps API via the Internet. As always, I'm not collecting any personal information. If you would like to try them out, be warned they are experimental and not guaranteed to work, and I haven't put any interface in to add them to your messages so they will need to be typed manually (Including Square brackets exactly as they are below) into your message templates. 
[LOC-CITY] - Return Current City
[LOC-ADDR] - Nearest Address
[LOC-LAT] - Latitude
[LOC-LON] - Longitude
[LOC-PROV] - Location Provider
[LOC-PLACE] - Place Name
[LOC-STREET] - Street Name
[LOC-STATE] - State
[LOC-DIR] - Direction(bearing) in degrees
[LOC-SPEED-MPH] - Speed in MPH
[LOC-SPEED-KPH] - Speed in KPH
[LOC-ALT-METERS] - Altitude in Meters
[LOC-ALT-FEET] - Altitude in Feet
[LOC-ACCURACY] - Accuracy of current location
[LOC-URL] - Google Maps URL for current location

[BATTSTATE] - Text Charging / Discharging etc.
[BATT%] - Battery % Charged

[IM] - Incoming Message (AutoReply and Forward only)
[I#] - Incoming Phone # (AutoReply and Forward only)

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