Long SMS Messages in SMS Assistant Pro / SMS Assistant Free

Recently, I've gotten a number of comments that SMS assistant pro is unable to send "Long SMS messages" and that it breaks large messages up.  This is the intended functionality. Standard SMS messaging uses 140 bytes (octets) per message, which translates to 160 characters (7 bits bytes) of the English alphabet using 7-bit encoding or as few as 70 characters for languages using non-Latin alphabets using UTF-16 encoding. Android knows this limit. For convenience purposes I decided to take whatever message you send and divide it up into as many messages as needed to send the text that you've entered. This is also how many other messaging apps including the stock android sms app work. Sometimes the recieving SMS client will combine the messages back so they look like one message; Often they don't. As of version 1.4.2 message parts are sent as a multipart SMS. This should allow most smartphones to recombine the messages on the receiving side. 


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