Is Google listening to my phone calls?

     I wanted to share a strange thing that happened today. I know a while back Google filed a patent that implied they wanted to advertise based on the "background content" of your phone calls, but today I got a call on my Google Voice number that was forwarded to my mobile. During the course of the conversation I recommended my friend contact his attorney. I said it twice during the course of the conversation. Now, a couple of hours later  I'm seeing all sorts of Google ads for local lawyers in places where I usually see targeted ads (specifically,, a website that I visit regularly that seems to always have ads for things from my last Newegg or Thinkgeek search on every article, but also other instances of Google adwords ads around the web.). I haven't done any searches for lawyers, composed or recieved any emails about attorneys, This leads me to believe they are absolutely using keywords from my conversation target ads. I can't find anything in the Google Voice TOS or Privacy Policy that says that I am agreeing to them doing this. I'm pretty sure I agreed that they could do this with the content of my voicemails so I could have them automatically transcribed, but certainly not answered calls. 


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