Multiple Updates in SMS Assistant Pro / SMS Assistant Free version 1.4.1

 Made a bunch of UI and usability updates in the last few versions. Haven't had time to post the updates.

First, I changed the ON / OFF buttons to something that would be locality agnostic, I found out that the default text in android for on and off were breaking the buttons in some languages. I made the + button to create new rules bigger because it was hard to hit. I may make that whole header an add button at some point, but I haven't decided yet. I also standardized the tab title icons across Android versions by not specifying system drawables, and packaging icons with the app. 


I kept leaving my AutoReply on, and I assume that anyone else using SMS Assistant Pro for AutoReply would also have that problem, so I added persistent notifications for the AutoReply, AutoForward and DefendSMS services. The Scheduled SMS service already had persistent notification because it requires a foreground service for messages to go out on time. Most of the time you won't have all of those services on at the same time, so it won't look quite as obnoxius on your notification bar. They can be turned off in the settings. 


 Finally, I made shortcuts available to almost every screen in the app, which also means your app can use the View action intent filter to call any screen. (I was playing with NFC tags and wanted to be able to use NFC Task Launcher to open various screens). What that means for the average user is you can now create a desktop shortcut to just about any screen in the app, including any tab on the main screen. 


Things that I'd still like to do include adding widgets to turn on or off any rule, and I have at least one more tab/function I would like to add. 

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