SMS Assistant Pro / Free Updated to Version 1.3.5

     A user reported that the app was not automatically replying or forwarding messages as it should. After hours of troubleshooting it turned out that code designed to make sure that Replies and Forwards were not looping in the phone was preventing AutoReplies and AutoForwards from being sent in situations where the application is unable to pull the phone's number from Android. 

(The code says something like if the phone number on the incoming SMS contains the phone number of this phone don't reply to it, and if the address we're forwarding to contains the phone number of this phone don't forward it.) To compensate I now have the code doing that same logic, but if I got back a 0-Length phone number for the current device, disregard and forward or reply. To compensate for devices where I couldn't get the number, there is now a 15 second limit per incoming number per AutoReply rule on AutoReplies. The app will no longer reply to every incoming message from a given number, only to messages 15 seconds apart. This will have no effect on messages from different numbers inside the 15 second window. For instance if Contact A sends you a text, and the app autoreplies, it will not autoreply to Contact A's next message unless its more than 15 seconds later, however if Contact B Texts 5 seconds after Contact A's first message, Contact B will still get a reply. 

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