SMS Assistant Pro

          This is my latest Android project.  (Like it on Facebook) The idea was to create a single tool to provide advanced SMS functions, such as Automatic Reply, Automatic Forward, Future Scheduled SMS, SMS Alerting, SMS Blocking, and Mass SMS Messaging in a streamlined interface that would be both highly customizable, and easy to use. I've made it available on Google Play. It's not a free app, however I am looking for testers, and there is a free version available. Big thanks to SGF Studios for the graphics. I've started writing the documentation of each feature. Full documentation to follow shortly, look under SMS Assistant Pro on the menu to the right. 

The main interface looks like this:

You can create a new rule of any type by clicking the green plus:

Any rule can be turned on or off by clicking the on/off button on the main page.

You can tap on any rule to edit it, or long press on any rule for the Edit / Delete context menu.

Hitting the menu button will give you the option to Refresh or go to the Settings Screen



Documented Specifics on all the rule types are linked in the menu on the right.

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