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ABV Calculator

 ABV Calculator for Android. This is my first useful Android app.

    This is to calculate Alcohol by Volume for beer and wine based on Specific Gravity readings taken before and after fermentation. It first corrects the Original and Final Gravity numbers to the calibration temperature, then calculates using the formula (OG-FG)*132.715It is also available on the Google Play (Formerly the Android Market).

ABV Calculator.1.1.2.apk
MindTester Messenger Related Downloads
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MindTester Messenger Client .01b (plain executable)

This is a VERY rough client, with about 50% functionality, but it will allow you to add people to your list and send and recieve messages, if you would like to test this, set the server to localhost and the port to whatever port you are running the server on. this version will allow you to create accounts on the server as long as user creation is on and the server is not full. You must add a person to your list in order to send them a message. This will be fixed in future versions. You can run multiple instances on the same machine, and message back and forth to test it, or run it on your local network
MindTester Messenger Server V. 1.3.1b - 5 Connection Demo

This is a 5 connection demo version of the MindTester Messenger server complete with protocol documentation.
Other Downloads
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This is a tiny but useful little application. Its an executable wrapper for the AfxMessageBox function. I wrote it so that I could put windowed notifications in batch files. All you do is drop the Notify.exe file in a directory that is in the path, then on the command line or in any batch script you just add the command "notify Whatever you want the message box to say"
School Projects
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Binary / Ascii Converter

Converts Binary bits to Ascii and back again.
Permutations Calculator

Calculates statistical permutations and combinations. I wrote it for my statistics class a very long time ago.

This is a simple ticker used to count blackjack. It is my simplest and also most useless program.
Roman Numeral Converter

Program to convert roman numerals to standard arabic numbers. I wrote this for an auction on that I didn't win, so I put it here. I messed up the Icon, XIV doesn't equal 19 in roman numerals.
Temperature Converter

Converts Temperature to and from Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin with adjustable precision.

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