The AlertSMS Function is overrides the standard Messaging notification, and instead uses the Alarm stream to play a continuous ring tone and alert dialog on SMS messages that match defined rules. When activated it overrides the phone's current volume setting and uses the maximum volume of the phone's alarm. 

As with other functions you can create a rule by tapping the green plus sign.

You can tap any Alert rule to edit, or long press for the Edit / Delete context menu. 



  • From Specific Number - Will Alert on any message that comes from a specific number
  • REGEX (From / Body / Both) - Will alert the if the From or Body field matches the Regular Expression specified in the Criteria field. The Both mode logic is "OR" so if the Regular expression is matched in either the from or the body the message will fire an alert. The images are from my Phone Finder rule which will alert if anyone messages me the exact one word "FindMe" so that my phone can be found. The ^ and $ are special characters for Regular Expressions that indicate the beginning and end of the message. 


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