The MassSMS function is like a form letter using SMS Messaging. Its a little different than the other functions and requires a little explanation. The most common use case for this would be to keep a spreadsheet of all of your customers, along with some other information on your phone, and then use that spreadsheet to text all of your customers at once. 

The first step is creating a spreadsheet on your computer, making sure that the destination phone number is in the first column.

The file must be saved as a .CSV File:

Then drop this file on to your SD Card, and select it in the MassSMS screen (As of version 1.3.0 the Tab set at the top scrolls horizonally. You might need to slide the tabs around to see it)

Once the CSV is selected, the columns will be loaded as replacers, and tapping any of them will insert them into the message.

Clicking the send messages button will then send all of the messages generated by the CSV fields after confirmation.



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