DefendSMS is the SMS Blocker function built into SMS Assistant Pro and SMS Assistant Free. Most of its functions work the same way as the other rule types. New rules are created by clicking the green + on the DefendSMS Tab. Rules can be turned on or off from the main screen.


The main rule edit screen looks like this:


  • Rule Name: The name of the rule as it appears on the main DefendSMS Tab
  • Mode: The mode used to apply the Criteria to an incoming SMS to determine if it should be blocked.
    • Everyone - Rule will be applied to all messages.
    • From Specific Number - Rule will be applied to messages from the exact number specified in the Criteria field
    • From All Contacts - Rule will be applied to messages that are recieved from someone in your phone's Contacts.
    • REGEX(From / Body / Both) - Rule will be applied to messages that match the Regular Expression specified in the Criteria field. Click here for more information on writing Regular Expressions
  • Rule Type
    • Block Messages - Messages that match the rule will be blocked unless they also match an Allow Messages rule.
    • Allow Messages - Messages that match the rule will be allowed, even if they match a Block Messages rule. Allow Messages rules ALWAYS override Block Messages rules.
  • Criteria: This is where you input the criteria to match the rule by. You can click the ... button to select a contact if the Mode is "From Specific Number"


You can see the total number of blocked messages from the normal settings screen. By tapping on the Blocked Messages line, you can then view all the messages that have been blocked by the application since they were last cleared.

Tapping Menu here will allow you to clear all of the blocked messages

By tapping on any one of the blocked messages you can automatically create an allow rule for that number if it shouldn't have been blocked, or if you don't want it to be blocked in the future.

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