SMS Assistant Pro - AutoReply

 The AutoReply feature is for automatically replying to SMS Messages as they come in. 


The main list screen looks like this:


To create a new AutoReply, click the green plus sign in the top right.


Individual AutoReplies can be enabled or disabled with the on/off buttons:

Tapping on any one of them will bring you to the edit screen:

The replacers [IM] and [I#] are special sequences that get replaced with the incoming message, or the incoming phone number respectively. They can be automatically added, by clicking Menu, then either of the options. 

There are several modes that AutoReplies can be set to by tapping the Modes dropdown: 

Everyone: Replies to Everyone
Specific Number: Replies only if a specific number texts you, you will be able to select from your contacts. 
Contacts Only: This will reply to any number in your contacts, but not numbers that are not in your address book. 
REGEX: Replies only if the originating number matches a regular expression. Click Here for information on writing regular expressions. 


Finally, to delete an AutoReply, simply long press on any of them on the main screen, and click Delete on the context menu.

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