Auto Forward is for automatically forwarding SMS Messages to another phone. As with the other functions this is done by creating rules.

 As with other functions, tap the green plus to create a new rule. 


Tapping any rule will bring you into the rule edit screen, and long pressing any rule will let you edit or delete the rule. 


 Prefix:  SMS Assistant Pro/Free will attach whatever prefix specified to the forwarded message. As with AutoReply, [I#] will be replaced with the number that the original message came from. 


  • AutoForward All - Will forward all messages to the specified destination
  • From Specific Number - Will forward message only if it comes from a specific number
  • From All Contacts - Will forward message if the incoming number belongs to a contact in your phone
  • REGEX (From / Body / Both) - Will forward the message if the From  or Body field matches the Regular Expression specified in the Criteria field. The Both mode logic is "OR" so if the Regular expression is matched in either the from or the body the message will be forwarded. 

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